[Recap] I’m Running Out of Love Cliches – We Got Married 113013

This week on “We Got Married,” Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon tango their way into skinship, Son Na Eun becomes Taemin‘s young traditional bride, and Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi bully each other in Okinawa. 

I’m running out of love cliches for titles (no really)– This is your Soompi WGM Recap!

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 we got married

Last week Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon wrapped up their very beautiful wedding photo shoot. Lately the two have been doing what Lee So Yeon wants to do, so for this date, they’re going to do the three things that Yoon Han wants to do. 

Before Yoon Han reveals what those three things, he casually asks if Lee So Yeon remember calling him a few nights before. Lee So Yeon gets really embarrassed. It seems that the actress went to Jeju Island and had some beer, which made her inclined to call up her husband late at night to tell him that she’s thinking of him. Yes, you read that right. Lee So Yeon gave Yoon Han a booty call

So what were the three things Yoon Han wanted to do for their date? The first one is going to a skin spa/clinic together. Lee So Yeon is horrified; she knows that means she has to show her bare face to her husband and the world. As the MCs empathetically explained, showing bare face is just as revealing as taking off clothes to a woman. Yoon Han assures her that she will probably look just fine without make up, and pretty much drags her to the skin clinic.

There we find out that Yoon Han has great skin, which he probably already knew (and probably the reason why he thought of this). Lee So Yeon, on the other hand, not as great, but let’s give her a break. She has to wear a ton of makeup every day, and that will take a toll on anyone’s skin. 

After their assessment, the couple reveals their bare faces to each other and surprise, surprise, they look great without it. After getting pampered, Yoon Han decides that he wants to give his wife a massage. Now keep in mind that even though she’s covered up, Lee So Yeon isn’t really wearing anything on top. She’s feeling very exposed and now her husband wants to feel up her bare shoulders. She is very uncomfortable, but doesn’t stop him. It’s not as bad as she probably expected it to be, but it was embarrassing nonetheless. 

we got married

After getting their faces scrubbed, Yoon Han tells his wife that his next wish is that they take a dance lesson together. Lee So Yeon’s eye brighten up because she’s been wanting to try it out too. They go to a tango class, and uh, let’s just say that they should stick to acting and playing the piano. They are both pretty stiff and even more awkward on the dance floor. Lee So Yeon even gets a neck cramp and has to take a break.

They may not be the smoothest dancers, but they have fun testing the boundaries of their personal space. As the dance instructor explains, in tango the man may lead where they go and what they do, but it is the woman who decides how close they dance. 

we got married

Yoon Han reveals his third wish: To drink together. He wants to see Lee So Yeon do more aegyo. He asks Lee So Yeon what her tolerance is, and she says that it’s about three glasses of beer or one bottle of soju. Hm, that’s not bad. 

Before they even bring in the alcohol, Yoon Han excuses himself for the bathroom. He’s gone for a few minutes when Lee So Yeon gets a phone call from him. “Come down” he instructs. Ah, so he has something planned. Turns out today is some sort of special day for the two of them, but they won’t reveal it yet. Maybe one month (or is it two?) anniversary? 

Yoon Han’s cute cut out faces lead the way, and behind those doors Yoon Han has a special event prepared for her. The previous show a very romantic atmosphere and Yoon Han saying he prepared a song for her. The MCs point out that he looks really nervous, and is it just me or are there tears in his eyes?! We’ll have to find out next week!

we got married

Taemin and Son Na Eun are finally having their wedding ceremony. I think it’s quite fitting that they do it the traditional Korean way; they look very cute. They get all dolled up (wish Taemin had taken off his fake plugs though). The two remark that they feel and look like young bride and groom (like in the past when Koreans would get married at a very young age). 

As they wait for their friends come, Taemin puts on a hair pin and almost out-pretties Na Eun with it. Don’t believe me? Look at this picture that didn’t make the cut. 

we got married

For the wedding guests, EXO‘s Kai and Suho represent Taemin’s friends, along with Taemin’s childhood friend who is really nervous about being on TV. He’s the one Taemin called up a few episodes ago. They bring live chickens as a gift (their after wedding dinner???) and the EXO members formally introduce themselves as if they hadn’t done that really awkward “Wolf” performance for her a few months back. Jung Eun Ji is Na Eun’s guest, of course, because WGM producers seem to love her. 

Na Eun asks if Taemin ever talks about her, and it turns out that Taemin likes to brag about his pretty young wife. When Eun Ji is asked if Na Eun ever talks about her husband in the dorms, she gives a short and frank, “Nope.” However, she does say that whenever SHINee comes on the television, Na Eun stops what she’s doing to watch. We all have different ways of showing our affections.

we got married

Now it’s time for the ceremony, and everyone is learning a lot about traditional Korean weddings because the officiator explains the process and the reasons as they move along.

During the ceremony, the two are asked to say one thing to their partner. Taemin, after taking some big gulps of alcohol, mutters something about how it’s real alcohol. He realizes too late that he wasted his one line in the wedding to mention something about alcohol. Na Eun doesn’t do much better because when it’s her turn she just stammers, unable to think of anything under the pressure. 

Meanwhile, their guests are having a really enjoyable time watching these two awkward lovebirds.

we got married

To end the ceremony, a close friend from each side must give a speech. Kai reads off his speech from his cellphone, which, by the way, looks pretty old and busted. You would think, that if he received a billion Macbooks for his birthday last year, someone would have thought to get him an IPhone. At first, he gleefully points out all of Taemin’s flaws, but then ends asking Na Eun to take care of him. 

Then it’s Eun Ji’s turn, and at first, she just reads off her letter matter-of-factly. When she gets to the part where she talks about what kind of person Na Eun is, the girls start to tear up. It makes me feel that what Eun Ji said is true; Na Eun is a sweet and considerate girl. Taemin is a lucky guy.

Next week, they will have the wedding after party which involves throwing chestnuts (I think that’s what it is) and having a dried plum kiss.

we got married

The Jung couple is in Osaka, and they go to an okonomiyaki restaurant where Jung Joon Young once again proves that he may or may not be very proficient in Japanese. After Joon Young ruins both of their okonomiyaki, even the one Jung Yoo Mi carefully shapes into a heart, they bust out the interesting beer mugs they bought that day. It’s kind of neat because if you push a button, it re-carbonates the beer to make it all fizzy. The two have fun with it, and Joon Young falls in love (with the beer mugs).

we got married

The couples moves on to Okinawa, hoping for warm weather and sunny skies, but they get cold weather instead. I’m not sure if they were actually expecting Hawaii, since Okinawa isn’t that far from the main island. They go to a fancy hotel, that Joon Young claims is all his. The pools, golf course, and even the parking lot belongs to this family. Why, did you know that the drama “Boys Over Flowers” was based off of him? No? 

In their hotel room they bought other neat things at that store, including glasses that give you double eyed lids. Not only that, Yoo Mi has brought vitamins and face masks for them. The two take the vitamin C packets, and find out that it’s really sour. Well, things that are good for you usually taste bad.

we got married

Because they came to Okinawa and to a hotel with a pool, the couple feels very obligated to swim in the pool, but it is very cold and windy. After stretching and prolonging the dip they know they have to, devil Joon Young comes out and he pushes Yoo Mi into the water. The cold water does something to him, it changes him. He becomes purely evil and bullies Yoo Mi as he dunks her head in the water several times. Yoo Mi tries to get revenge, but he’s freakishly too strong for her to do anything. After putting up with the cold water as much as they can, the couples runs off for warmer waters.

we got married

In the comfort of the hot tub, Yoo Mi explains that there is a special course here. Joon Young is vaguely interested, until he finds out that it involved pulling tires. He then becomes completely uninterested, and tries to distract his wife. However, Joon Young may be able to push Yoo Mi around with his body, but Yoo Mi is very stubborn and won’t be swayed.

In the hot sauna. Yoo Mi tries to get them to meditate. She even brings out her phone to play some calming forest ambiance noise, but Joon Young points out that it sounds like the music they play in the bathrooms. He continues to tease her, hoping to change her mind about running, but Yoo Mi has made up her mind. She eventually wears him out and wins him over, with him promising to run with her. Yoo Mi is grateful. Sure, Joon Young can be childish but in the end he always gives her what she wants. 

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