2PM’s Taecyeon Is Stress-Free and Happy in “Human Condition”

2PM‘s Taecyeon has been declared as a stress-free man.

On November 30, Taecyeon joined the “Human Condition” members for the latest condition of their show’s project: to be stress-free.

During the episode, Taecyeon shared a deep conversation with the staff during the interview for the show. He said, “I give my happiness level a score of 98 (out of 100). I am very happy,” with a huge smile.

Taecyeon continued, “When I was a trainee, not being able to debut was the greatest source of stress. But Jo Kwon was always by my side. He hadn’t debuted for over 10 years and I was only at my sixth year. Seeing how he was in a more difficult situation than I was, I was able to overcome my stress.”

As Taecyeon talked about his generally happy and positive attitude toward life, the show dubbed him with titles such as “Man of Steel Wall Against Stress” and “The Final King of Optimism.”

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