Korea Breaks Its Own Record for the Number of Movie Goers This Year

The total number of people who watched a Korean movie this year is the highest in its history.

According to the Korean Film Commission on December 1, the audience for Korean movies totals up to 115,473,995 people making it the highest it has ever been and beating its own record of 114,613,190 from last year. Last year was the first year the number of audience exceeded 100 million people.

The most successful box office hit release this year was “Miracle in Cell No. 7” which attracted 12,800,000 people. Films that attracted over 5 million people this year are “Snow Piercer” (9,340,000), “The Face Reader” (9,120,000), “Berlin” (7,160,000), and “Secretly and Greatly” (6,950,000). The three films that attracted over 5 million people in last year in 2012 were “The Thieves” (12,900,000), “Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King” (12,300,000), and “A Werewolf Boy” (6,650,000).