Lee Hi Draws Attention for Slimmer Appearance in “K-Pop Star 3”

K-Pop Star” season 1 semi-final winner and popular YG Entertainment rookie artist Lee Hi recently made a guest appearance for the third season of the show. 

On December 1, “K-Pop Star” season 3 kicked off their first round of performances. Lee Hi came to root for the participants and drew attention for her successful dieting that made her facial features more pronounced than before. 

YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk complimented her saying, “Even though we work at the same company, we only get to see each other every couple of months or so. Ha Yi, you’ve really lost a lot of weight.” Fellow judge Yoo Hee Yeol added, “I guess I should bring Lucid Paul” around sometime too, causing everyone to laugh. 

Netizens commented, “Wow, Lee Hi has gotten so much prettier!” and “Wow, she’s lost so much weight!