“Running Man” Gary and Song Ji Hyo Are Paired Together Again! Was It Meant to Be?

Gary and Song Ji Hyo recently had a fateful meeting on the latest episode of Running Man

The episode was aired on December 1 and featured guests Lee Seung Gi, SISTAR’s Bora, and actress Han Hye Jin, and the theme of the episode was “The Number Race.”

Couples for the game were determined through an “All-Kill Flying Chair” mission in the first round. In the order of elimination, they went into a numbered room to wait for their partner, who would also choose a room.

The stars aligned, and Gary chose the room that Song Ji Hyo was waiting in. 

Not only did they end up choosing each other as couples, their jackets seemed to as well, with the velcro on both jackets sticking to each other while the two were walking. Could this be a sign???

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