Younha Gives Teaser for Upcoming Album “Subsonic” Through Music Video Release of “Home”

Home sweet home; as home is where the heart is, Younha’s soft voice for her new song, “Home,” will make you melt.

On December 1, Younha released the music video for “Home,” a new song that will be part of her upcoming album. The music video shows the backstage preparations of one of her concerts. It’s evident how much heart the singer puts in to her concerts and performances, as the beautiful song illustrates the heart and care placed in each performance.

“Home” is a beautiful ballad that will be part of Younha’s upcoming album, “Subsonic.” The new album is set to be released on December 6.

Furthermore, if the music video left you wanting more of the singer’s voice, look no further. “Home’s” music video showed a sneak peak of how mesmerizing Younha’s concerts will be, as the music video announced the singer’s upcoming concert. Younha will be holding her winter concert, “Twenty Six And…” on December 27 through 28.

Check out the music video for “Home” below for a sneak peak of the singer’s new album and upcoming concert!