Secret Gives Early Christmas Gift with Release of Hyosung’s Teaser Image

With the release of Hyosung’s teaser image, we can all agree that Christmas has come three weeks early!

On December 1, Secret’s official Facebook page released the teaser image for Secret member Hyosung. The image shows a big eyed Hyosung carrying a secret letter. Dressed in a lovely pink crop top and a puffy, blue-checkered skirt, the secret member gives off the vibe of the holiday season.


Hyosung’s teaser image follows the exciting news of Secret’s comeback. The teaser image foreshadows the cute and girly concept of the upcoming album. Also, the heart patterned, red envelope held by the singer alludes to how the new album will be a gift for fans and music lovers alike.

Secret plans to release their third single album, “GIFT FROM SECRET” on December 9. Stay tuned for more teaser images of the other members!