Sean Declares His Wife, Jung Hye Young, As “The Most Beautiful Woman in The World”

YG Entertainment artist Sean recently expressed his affection for his actress wife Jung Hye Young in his recent Twitter post!

The adoring husband shared a photo to his Twitter page on December 2 with the caption, “THE MOST BEAUTIFULLEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD! My angel, my wife, and love.” The photo he shared was one of Jung Hye Young with smokey eyes featured in a pictorial for fashion magazine “Elle.”


Sean married his wife Jung Hye Young on October 4, 2004 and shortly after they had their first child together. The couple have been involved with children’s aid organizations that fight hunger and starvation in 100 different countries. It is reported that the couple saves 10,000 KRW each day to donate 3,650,000 KRW on their wedding anniversary date to a charity or humanitarian organization. The couple is famous for their active involvement in various volunteer non-profit charity organizations.

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