Second Set of 9Muses’ Teaser Images Continue to Heat Things Up for Upcoming Single “Glue”

After releasing incredibly sexy teaser images for Lee Sem, Sunga, Sera and Kyungri, photos of the remaining five members of 9Muses have been revealed!

The second set of teaser images feature Hyuna, Euaerin, Eunji, Hyemi and Minha as they continue to raise temperatures with their sexy concept.

Just like the first set, the five 9Muses’ members are all decked out in black outfits that accent their gorgeous bodies. These teaser images show that Nine Muses is definitely confident with any part of their bodies as they pose with fierce poses and facial expressions.

These teasers are for 9Muses’ soon-to-be comeback with the single, “Glue.” The single is set to be released on December 4.

nine muses get glue_euaerin nine muses get glue_eunji nine muses get glue_hyemi nine muses get glue_hyuna nine muses get glue_minha