Lim Kim: “Dating Someone 10 Years My Senior Is Fine, But a Man Younger Than Me Is Not”

Singer Lim Kim recently revealed her honest opinion on public dating and her preferences when it comes to men.

The humble artist participated in filming QTV’s “Eunhee Consultation” on December 3. As the second guest on the show so far, her variety skills were put to test by senior singers and MCs Moon Hee Jun and Eun Ji Won. When she was asked to describe her ideal type, the singer casually answered, “I don’t care about looks or his job. I prefer someone that is fun and shares the same hobbies.” Regarding age difference, she said, “I could date someone up to ten years older than me, but dating someone younger than me would be difficult.”

The MCs then asked what she thinks of public dating, and she revealed it is no longer necessary to ask for the boss’ permission, “Yoon Jong Shin told me that I can reveal my relationship and date in public. If I start a relationship, I will reveal it to the public.” Her confident stance on the issue surprised the industry seniors, who probably did not expect the beautiful singer to have such a strong opinion on the topic.

In the episode, Lim Kim also shared hurtful stories regarding her appearances on shows like “Running Man” and “Radio Star.” QTV’s “Eunhee Consultation” airs on Tuesdays at 11pm.

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