Hyorin Acknowledges She Resembles Comedian Jung Juri

Hyorin, the member of Sistar who also recently released her solo album, acknowledged her resemblance to comedian Jung Juri.

On December 2, Hyorin appeared as a guest on the KBS 2TV’s variety program “Hello.” A discussion led to the hosts asking Hyorin whether she was told she resembles another celebrity. Her answer was unexpected, but it aroused laughter from the audience and viewers.

The show introduced the concern of a young man who had a close resemblance to comedian Lee Young Ja and how his similar appearance to her made his life difficult. The hosts and guest stars discussed the topic and revealed the names of other stars whom they shared similar features. One of the hosts of the show Jung Chan Woo said, “Only my eyes look like Jang Dong Gun,” and guest star Sonya remarked, “My forehead is similar to S.E.S Eugene’s forehead.”

Hyorin displayed her cool and honest personality saying, “I don’t really see it, but I’ve had people tell me I look like Jung Juri unnie.”

What do you guys think? Do they really look alike? 

Sistar, Jung Juri