Lovely Ladies of Mystic89 Pose Together While Filming Christmas MV

The beautiful female artists of Mystic89 including Jang Jae In, Park Ji Yoon, Lim Kim and Puer Kim have gathered together!

On December 3, Yoon Jong Shin tweeted, “Merry Christmas with Mystic Girls – while filming for a Christmas carol music video.” The tweet came with a photo of the lovely ladies of Mystic89 all together.

The four ladies are wearing matching plaid outfits with bright smiles. They all look close to each other as they link arms affectionately.

On this day, Jang Jae In announced that she was signing with Mystic89, making her re-connect to her “Super Star K” days when Yoon Jong Shin was a judge.

Currently, Mystic89 is home to Jo Jung chi, Hareem, Lim Kim, Puer Kim, Jang Jae In, Muzi, Kim Yeon Woo, Park Ji Yoon (singer) and Park Ji Yoon (MC).

Stay tuned to Soompi for more updates on the upcoming Christmas single by the Mystic89 ladies.