ZE:A’s Im Siwan Is Considering a Role for the Zombie Movie “Night Study”

Idol group ZE:A’s Im Siwan is becoming a rising star in the movie world.  On December 3, according to an official in the film industry, Im Siwan has been seriously considering a role in the movie “Night Study.”

“Night Study” is a movie about two best friends, who in the middle of their evening studies preparing for college entrance exams, are interrupted by zombies, and must do whatever they can to survive.

The new movie is a collaboration between the production of Studio Dream Capture, which brought in 5,600,000 viewers with the movie “Hide and Seek,” and director Park Shin Woo, who directed the movie “Into the White Night.”

Even other than “Night Study,” Im Siwan has apparently received a lot of offers. Since the start of his acting career with last year’s MBC drama “The Moon That Embraces the Sun,” KBS’s “Man From the Equator,” and “Waiting For Love,” he has gotten a lot of good reviews for his acting. The ZE:A member also got good reviews for his upcoming movie, “The Attorney,” which will premiere on the eighteenth. 

“Night Study” will begin filming in the first half of 2014.