Joo Won Reveals He Has Unique Taste in Women

Actor Joo Won made a surprising confession about what type of body he is attracted to. Actress Kim Ah Joong and Actor Joo Won were on the recent recording of the JTBC show, “Witch Hunt,”  to promote their movie “Catch Me.”

On this day of recording, Jo Won stated that he found the stomach to be the most appealing out of the women’s body. He stated that he wish that there was some stomach fat, but it would be even better if there was a lot of fat that it folded over.

The male MCs on the show are well-known for their persistent questioning. Joo Won became very flustered by their rather risque jokes. 

The netizens showed interest in Joo Won’s surprising confession by making comments like, “I guess I have hope then” and “There are guys who have that kind of interest?”

Joo Won Likes Belly Fat