Sunmi to Release New Album Next Year with a Song from Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun

Perhaps the wait is longer than 24 hours, but Sunmi is in the works to make a comeback next year with a brand new album!

Having made her official solo debut last August, Sunmi captured music lovers through her catchy song, “24 Hours,” and her acrobatic dance moves. Thus, in light of news regarding the singer’s comeback, fans can anticipate that the collaboration with Wonder GirlsYe Eun will make the upcoming album more worth waiting for.

In an interview with Star News, JYP Entertainment commented, “We are planning for Sunmi to make a comeback next year. Yet, we have only started the album production and have not finalized a concept or release date for the album.”

In addition to JYPE’s comments, Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun’s recent message on her fancafe raised excitement for the upcoming album, as the singer wrote, “The songs for Sunmi’s new album have not been decided. I think I am going to start working on producing new songs. It’s not that I haven’t written any songs before. This year alone, I have written about eight to ten songs, but they have yet to receive the spotlight. One of my songs is going to be in Sunmi’s upcoming album. Again, I will collaborate with composer Lee Woo Min to produce a song that will shine Sunmi’s powerful vocals.”

Sunmi had debuted in Wonder Girls back in 2007, but withdrew from the group in 2010. After three years, however, the singer made an impactful comeback last August with her song, “24 Hours,” reassuring that she was not forgotten.

We can’t wait to hear Sunmi’s new album, especially the song produced by Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun!