Lim Kim and Lee Seung Hwan to Release Duet “Soap”

Lee Seung Hwan and Lim Kim are set to release a duet song together.

Lee Seung Hwan will release a new song titled “Soap” on December 10. This song will be included in Lee Seung Hwan’s upcoming regular album, his 11th album, to be released next year.

The singer has had an eye on Lim Kim since appearing together this summer on SBS “Super Match.” Lim Kim’s unique languid voice, as well as her solo album, left a deep impression on Lee Seung Hwan, and he was the first to suggest a duet together.

The lyrics of “Soap” depict resignation of the reality after a whirlwind romance, and matches well with the song’s lyrical melody. While the two singers share a significant age gap (of 29 years, Lee Seung Hwan was born in 1965 and Lim Kim in 1994), they successfully pulled off the duet together.

This duet comes as not much of a surprise, seeing as Lee Seung Hwan’s Dream Factory and Yoon Jong Shin’s Mystic89, the label Lim Kim is signed under, recently signed a partnership contract.

Lee Seung Hwan’s agency, Dream Factory, stated, “With his upcoming 25th debut anniversary, Lee Seung Hwan is currently preparing for his year-end concert ‘Mr. Lee Seung Hwan’s Special Retrospective.’ This song is a surprise present for fans who have waited for a long time for his full-length album.”