K.Will to Be a Guest Star at 2AM Concert

Singer K.Will will be making a guest appearance at the 2AM concert on December 8. He will be performing two songs at the concert to be held at the Seoul SK Olympic Handball Arena

The members of 2AM and K.Will are known to be close friends. Last year, 2AM performed as guests at K.Will’s concert.

2AM plans to perform a diverse repertory at the concert including an acoustic medley and individual performances. 

Many fans are anticipating the concert since 2AM has not been on any shows after the release of their new mini album, which was released on November 27.

In regards to the concert, 2AM stated, “We’ve made many changes to our concert repertory compared to last year. Fans who have been to all of our previous concerts will see a new side of us. It’s a bit overwhelming because we have many songs to practice, but we are working hard to put on the best show.”

Meanwhile, 2AM plans perform in L.A on December 15 and in Taiwan on December 21.