“Friend 2” Stars Pierce the Screen with Their Gazes in Unedited Poster Photos

Looks like the stars of “Friend 2: The Great Legacy” are not only talented actors, but also match the level of professional models.

On December 4, the distributing company Lotte Entertainment revealed unedited shots taken during the poster photo shoot. In the pictures, actors Yoo Oh Seung, Joo Jin Mo, and Kim Woo Bin are striking poses full of charisma and locking your eyes on the shots with their piercing stares. Being a professional model turned actor, Kim Woo Bin in particular shines in the pictures thanks to his amazing body proportions and perfectly fitted suit. Just a quick glance at the photos confirms that the actors have managed to transfer their on-screen charisma to the photo shoot, and that the posters must have required very little editing.

“Friend 2” has proven to be a successful sequel to “Friend,” and the box office ratings have been explosive. In addition, the movie will soon be playing in select theaters in the US. To read more about the film, check out this excellent movie review by Soompi guest writer rarapop!

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