Ailee Becomes a Daughter-in-Law for Variety Show “Amazing Marriage”

It has been announced that diva Ailee will play the role of a daughter in law in JTBC‘s variety show “Amazing Marriage.”

A source related to the show commented, “Ailee will join a family that emphasizes traditional etiquette. It will be interesting to see if the third generation Korean-American will adjust well to the strict traditions of the family.”

“Amazing Marriage” is a variety show where celebrities get “married” and experience life as a daughter-in-law. We can see how the powerful vocalist Ailee handles the strict traditional rules of her new family when her episode airs on December 18 at 11pm. SISTAR’s Soyou has also been chosen to appear on the show.

Ailee recently returned from Australia where she performed at the 2K13 Feel Korea concert and gave her first Australian Interview.