Topp Dogg Reveals Main Actress for Their Upcoming “Cigarette” MV

Rookie male group Topp Dogg is about to make their comeback, and to up the excitement, they have revealed who the actress featured in their upcoming music video is!

The group will soon be releasing their new song titled “Cigarette,” and on December 5, the identity of the female guest starring in their music video was revealed. A photo of main vocal Seogoong and Park Seo Yeon, the beautiful actress, was uploaded on the group’s Twitter, and the two can be seen posing in a friendly manner at the music video set. Park Seo Yeon gained popularity a while ago with her interpretation of the “Gwiyomi Player,” the song that challenges you act and talk as cute as possible.

A representative introduced the concept, “Park Seo Yeon and the members of Topp Dogg get caught up in a very entertaining love line in the music video. The song is produced by member Gohn and singer-songwriter Deez, and it fits the genres neo soul and R&B. In a modern way, it expresses the feelings one has when longing after a girlfriend or a boyfriend.”

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