Girls’ Generation and Fans Celebrate Yuri’s Birthday with Cake and Messages of Love

It is time to celebrate as Girls’ Generation‘s alluring beauty Yuri turned 25 (Korean reckoning) today!

To let the fans get a glimpse of the girls’ birthday party, fellow group member Sunny shared a video through her Instagram on December 5. In the video, you can see a beautiful birthday cake with two colorful candles that together form the number 25, referring to how old Yuri is in Korea. The party girl herself can be seen standing right behind the cake, and she quickly makes a wish before blowing the candles. 

The message says, “Our dear Yuri~~Happy birthday^^* Thanks for being there for me! I honestly congratulate you! I will pray that your day will be a happy one♡ My dearest YURI!! Happy birthday~ May all your wishes come true♡ xoxo @yulyulk” The fans joined Sunny in congratulating, and the comment section was quickly filled with heart-warming messages from all around the world.

Looks like Yuri is having a great time with her loved ones! Happy birthday to her!