Block B’s Jae Hyo Files Report on Netizen for Sexual Harassment

Jae Hyo, a member of boy group Block B, filed a police report after being sexually harassed by a netizen.

According to a representative of Block B’s agency, Seven Seasons, “Jae Hyo was recently sexually harassed by a netizen through his/her mention of his name on his/her Twitter. The content is at a severe level that it is unrepeatable. Thus, we decided to report the incident to the team exclusively in charge of handling sexual violence at the Seoul Yongsan Police Department.”

The representative added, “The content was so severe, and we had no choice but to report it. The netizen who posted it hacked the ID, and we requested for the police’s help in tracking down the culprit.”

As far as the progress of the investigation, the representative disclosed, “The investigation has just begun. We will be cooperating with the police investigation and will decide what action to take after the investigation is over.”

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