G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don Nominated for Best Couple

Earlier in November, it was revealed that G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don were “Going to Try” for the “Best Couple Award.”  

The prediction became a reality on December 5 when the 2013 MBC Broadcast Entertainment Awards nominations were revealed and the Hyung Yong Don Jyong couple made it on the list.

Under the category for “Best Couple” are Yoon Hoo and Song Jia for “Daddy! Where Are We Going?,” Jung Hyung Don and G-Dragon for “Infinity Challenge,” Ryu Soo Young and Park Hyung Shik for “Real Men,” and the three couples of “We Got Married Season 4” (Taemin and Son Na Eun, Jung Jun Young and Jung Yoo Mi, and Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon).

The Jung Hyung Don and G-Dragon couple received much support from viewers through displaying their affection for each other on “Infinity Challenge” as they were paired for the “2013 Infinity Challenge Freedom Road Music Festival.” G-Dragon also got up close and personal with Jung Hyung Don on MBC Everyone’s “Weekly Idol in which Jung Hyung Don is a host.  

The “Best Couple” will be determined by viewers’ votes. Voting will begin on the MBC Broadcast Entertainment Awards website on December 5, and the winning couple will be announced at the awards ceremony taking place on December 29 at 8:40 PM KST.