Lee Seung Hwan and Lim Kim’s Duet “Soap” MV Teaser Clip Revealed

A brand new teaser clip for Lee Seung Hwan‘s upcoming music video for his duet with the hot rookie, Lim Kim, has been released!

On December 5, Dream Factory Club uploaded a teaser clip that contained images from Lee Seung Hwan’s “Soap” (or “BINU“) from his upcoming tenth album, “Dreamizer.”

“Soap” is a duet with Lim Kim, who is part of Mystic89, which just obtained a new partnership with Dream Factory Club.

The clip shows flashes of black-and-white images of a man and a woman while one line of the song is revealed: “When we started to live together...” You can also hear Lee Seung Hwan and Lim Kim humming together in the background.

“Soap” will be released on December 10 and the music video is said to contain a kiss scene between the two artists!

Check out the clip below and stay tuned for the music video release!