Kim Young Kwang to Be Enlisted in Army for Only Six Months

Popular model/actor Kim Young kwang will be enlisting in the military soon as a civil service worker.

Kim Young Kwang’s agency spoke with Newsen on December 5 and said, “Kim Young Kwang will be entering the training camp in the middle of December as a civil service worker. He has currently finished filming for his upcoming movie, ‘Boiling Youth.’ He will not be able to promote the film in January.”

The late Kim Young Kwang’s father is said to be named as a third-level man of merit as a Vietnam War veteran. This was why Kim Young Kwang was able to receive a six month military service as a civil service worker. He will be discharged in the latter half of next year.

Kim Young Kwang’s sources commented, “Kim Young Kwang’s father was named a man of merit as a Vietnam War veteran and he passed away when Kim Young Kwang was in elementary school from post-war symptoms. That is how Kim Young Kwang received the six month service call.”

Meanwhile, Kim Young GwangKwang has been acknowledged as a skilled actor in various projects. Most recently, he was in the cast of “Good Doctor” and the film, “Boiling Youth.” He also made an appearance in “Infinity Challange” for the past two weeks.