Girl Group She’z Releases Sorrowful Ballad “Sick” for Comeback

Vocally talented girl group She’z is making their comeback with the release of their second digital album “Sick.” The title track “Sick” was released on Sony Music Korea’s Youtube channel on December 4.

Their newest song “Sick” features an acoustic guitar melody laced with the powerful vocals from the members of She’z. The combination results in an emotional love ballad that reminds us of heartbreak. The lyrics talk about how they are getting “sick” from trying to forget about their heartbreaking love.

Girl group She’z debuted in 2012 with the single “My Way.” The group is known for their numerous connections to top players in the entertainment industry. The group is managed by Line Entertainment and consists of four members: Lee Jin Ah, Lee Tae Yeon, Kim Se Yeon, and Kim Ji Young.