Younha Takes Us Behind-the-Scenes for Upcoming “Subsonic” MV in Teaser Clip

After releasing several teaser images and clips for her upcoming album “Subsonic,” Younha has given us a glimpse into the set of her music video that will be released very soon!

On December 5, Younha released a teaser clip for “Subsonic,” which contains various behind-the-scenes footage of her newest music video.

The clip also shows Younha’s soft and ethereal beauty as she perfectly pulls off her new platinum blonde bob. We can catch a look into Younha’s busy and hectic schedule as she vamps up for her comeback through various photo shoots and filmings. Although it may be tiring, the artist still manages to look professional and graceful, as she even playfully drops a smile for her fans toward the end of the clip.

The teaser clip also softly plays a few lines from several of Younha’s songs that will be included in the album.

“Subsonic” will be the completion of Younha’s previously released “Supersonic” album last July. “Subsonic” will be released on December 6.

Check out the clip below!