Hip Hop Duo Untouchable Reveals Strong and Artistic “Trip” MV

Untouchable has delighted their fans by releasing the music video for “Trip.”

The duo recently made their comeback after a two-year break and fulfilling their military duty, and to thank all the fans who have been eagerly waiting for them to return, Untouchable has filmed a music video for another song off their new mini album. “Trip” is produced and arranged by the duo’s loyal producer Assbrass, and the lyrics deliver the stories and thoughts that Untouchable has experienced during their absence. Right from the beginning, it is obvious that Sleepy and D.Action have gone for a strong rapping style this time around, and their sharp lyrics over the unique but pleasant modern beat make the song addictive and fresh.

The video features the members strolling around the streets of Seoul and rapping in artistic locations. Mostly black and white with splashes of vivid colors, the music video is a breath of fresh air with its artistic touch and eye-catching visual effects.

Take a look at the video below!