Lim Kim, Park Ji Yoon, and Other Artists of Mystic89 Share Christmas Wishes and Announce Christmas Album

The talented artists of Mystic89 will be releasing a special Christmas album, and in preparation for that shared their Christmas wishes through a video shared through the agency’s official Youtube channel.

Each artist from the Mystic89 label was able to share what their Christmas wish was for this year. From the man Yoon Jong Shin, to their trendy girl Lim Kim, and even “Super Star K Season 3” contestant Kim Jung Hwan shared what was on their heart this year. 

Mystic89 also shared a teaser image for their upcoming Christmas single album, “Mystic Holiday 2013.” The teaser image shows the artists of Mystic89 in festive clothes and looking close and comfortable with one another. Jo Jung Chi was unable to make it to the photo shoot because of his recent wedding and honeymoon. The single album will come with two song. The first song is titled “Christmas Wish” and features the female voices of Mystic89, with Park Ji Yoon, Jang Jae In, Lim Kim, and Pure Kim. The second song is “Winter Sky’s Star” and feature the male voices, with Yoon Jong Shin, Harim, Jo Jung Chi, Kim Yeon Woo, Muzi, and Kim Jung Hwan. 

“Mystic Holiday 2013” will be released on December 12. 

Kim Yeon Woo: I just wish for people to be happy.

Yoon Jong Shin: My Christmas wish is that many people would show interest in Mystic89.

Jang Jae In: I want this winter to be warm. Last winter was too cold so I suffered a lot. 

Muzi: I wish that my two pretty daughters would be happy and grow up well. I love you!

Park Ji yoon: I want to love more and be more happy.

Harim: My Christmas wish is that all those people who sleep on streets would have a hat to wear because I know very well what its like to have your head be cold.

Pure Kim: I want my mother to be happier. lately, she doesn’t so happy so this is my Christmas wish.

Lim Kim: Truthfully, a vacation. It sounds nice to go on a trip with my friends. This is my Christmas wish.

Kim Jung Hwan: I want many people to know who I am and recognize me when I debut next year.

Jo Jung Chi: I want our radio show to be number one. 

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