Band Deulgukhwa Releases “Walk On” Music Video after 16 Years Hiatus

The classic 80’s band is back with their new song that taps into the soul.

On December 5, rock band Deulgukhwa released the music video for their new song “Walk On.” The music video portrayed a very simple setting: the sight of people listening to music through a headphone, all in slow motion. Although the music video doesn’t have any flashy lightings or some scenic angle, the brown toned wall that served as the backdrop for the music video was enough to highlight the emotions of the people listening to the music.

Most notably, amongst the music listeners in the music video, actor Kim Sung Gyun, best known for his role as Sahm Chun Po in tvN’s “Reply 1994,” can be seen soaking in the emotion of the music. It is unavoidable to not be touched by the music’s depth.

Deulgukhwa, translated to A Wild Camomile, debuted in 1985 with their first album “Deulgukhwa.” Having been legends in the Korean music scene back in the 80’s and early 90’s, the rock band plans to return in 2013 after 16 years with fourth album, also titled “Deulgukhwa.” The new album will consist of 19 songs, which 12 song being remakes of previously released songs from their different albums; the new album was released on December 6 (KST).

Catch the music video for Deulkgukhwa’s song “Walk On,” and feel the emotion of the music!