Koyote Releases an Adorable Holiday Video “After Winter” featuring Child Actress Kal So Won

Koyote (Kim Jong Min, Shin Ji, Bbaek Ga) released their music video for “After Winter” on December 5 on YouTube. The video starts with an amazingly adorable solo by Kal So Won, which automatically sucks you in and puts a grin on your face. It shows the Koyote and Kal So Won having a great time in the studio, and is just the perfect happy, fun, and cute song for this holiday season. Did I mention how ridiculously cute Kal So Won is?

Kal So Won is a talented child actress who has won awards for her performances in movies such as the drama “The Secret of Birth” and the hit movie “Miracle in Cell No. 7.” She also most recently appeared in the MBC drama, “Medical Top Team.” Check out the cutie’s singing voice below!

Stay tuned for Koyote’s mini album coming soon!