EXO’s D.O Takes Selfie with Big Bang’s T.O.P?

When he’s not performing on stage, D.O is your average moviegoer, who prefers to have fun before the start of the movie. On episode two of EXO’s “Showtime,” fans were able to watch D.O enjoy the complimentary services at the local theater.

Ordering a nacho and soda combo, EXO’s D.O showed his character as he chose to watch a movie by himself during his free time, while the other members enjoyed group activities. Forget being filmed for your own reality show, or even being known as one K-Pop’s hottest icons! D.O simply had fun with the cool gadgets at the theater.

One of the things D.O tried out was a machine that took photos of people with the backdrop of a movie poster. Which movie did he choose? The EXO member chose none other than BIG BANG’s T.O.P’s movie, “The Commitment.” Trying his best impersonation of T.O.P, D.O placed one hand over his chest, slouched forward, and posed as close as possible to the BIG BANG member’s character.


Although successful in taking the photo, the machine failed to send the photo to the singer’s phone. Thus, during the second try, the EXO member hid himself behind T.O.P’s character. Even the second time, the machine failed to deliver the image to D.O’s phone. The adorable singer showed his goofy side as his confused expression could not be hidden, resulting in the singer’s abandonment of the photo machine.


EXO’s D.O could not hide his average dorky side through his attempts at taking a photo with BIG BANG’s T.O.P’s movie poster.

Check out the silly moment below!