“Trash Oppa” Jung Woo Flashes His Washboard Abs for High Cut Magazine

Popular actor Jung Woo transformed into into a stylish and sporty man for High Cut magazine as he delighted fans by revealing his washboard abs.

Jung Woo sported a variety of sporty outfits, modeling different jumpers and hoodies. He shook up fans’ hearts with his six-pack abs and a sly wink.

During the interview, Jung Woo talked about his love line with Go Ara in “Reply 1994.” He said, “It’s true that the staff had ‘it’s either this or that’ mentality. Nothing was set so after the first episode was broadcast, if the ‘Trash’ and ‘Na Jung’ love line was not well received by the audience, the staff was planning to turn the drama into a more sitcom-like atmosphere. There were a lot of people who worried about me as they wondered if I could pull off a melodramatic acting. But from the start, I was confident. I told the staff, ‘If you trust me, I can do things that exceed your expectations’ and now, I am having fun in the playground that the director set up for me.”

When asked about Na Jung’s (Go Ara) husband, he said, “I thought, ‘are people really curious about that?’ But after time passed, I even thought, ‘What if Chilbongie (played by Yoo Yeon Seok) is the husband?’ or ‘Is the story going to be typical?’ I kept thinking all kinds of thoughts.”

Jung Woo was also asked, if he had a younger sister, who would he introduced her to, Trash oppa or Chilbongie? He answered, “There is a reason that both characters are being loved by the public. Even I think Chilbongie is attractive. If the choice is between those two, both are good to me so I would let my sister chose whoever she wants.”

Meanwhile, “Reply 1994” is seeing an increase of ratings each week, proving that it is one of the hottest dramas of the time.

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