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I am not sure what to say about this week’s episodes. It was just one big emotional blur with the occasional comical scene thrown in there. Things have come full circle and though I wanted to throw something at my computer screen, I am glad I didn’t. Fictional characters aren’t worth it, I am trying to convince myself this.

Young Do and Tan’s History Comes Full Circle 

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What do I mean by this? We know why Tan and Young Do’s friendship fell apart and we found out the moment that they both regretted was when it was Young Do’s last moment to see his mother. Tan regretted not trying hard enough to get Young Do and Young Do regretted worrying more about beating Tan than seeing his mom for the last time. When it was time for Young Do to find Tan, he does everything he can to make sure something like this won’t happen again by making sure Ki Ae was safe then finding Tan and giving them his car. Does this mean they can be friends again?

Ki Ae Leaves Daddy Kim

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Should this really surprise anyone? I mean, he’s shown us he cares for no one but the business and is willing to alienate his entire family just because he has the power to do so. After Tan leaves due to Eun Sang being gone, Daddy Kim berates Ki Ae by blaming Tan’s attitude on her because of her status. He says that Tan needs to learn from him not to pick up anything too shiny because it’s cheap. *gasp* Yes he did say that and even tells her that she should know what she is to him after she asks. She goes and takes off all her jewelry and attempts to leave him, she wants to see a real sky but he has other plans to send her to America. Luckily for Ki Ae, she’s a quick thinker and catches a cab to Jeguk High to find her son which is where Young Do comes in and eventually Won.

Wonny and Hyunnie

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Yes, that’s my nickname for her. Speaking of Wonny, him and his Hyunnie (see how great that sounds?) have a bed scene… not like that. It’s very intimate and shows a whole other side to Won we didn’t see. He’s very soft with her and asks her to hold on while he’s slowly climbing to the top. We see she knows what Won’s aspirations are and knows what he wants is totally different than Tan. He wonders if their relationship would be different had he done what his brother is doing. It’s sweet because I see that he admires his brother for taking a different road than him and really doing something that he wants instead of doing what he’s told. I hope Won and Hyun Joo get married, he left his blind date because he felt guilty and didn’t want to be there. These two are made for each other. I demand a wedding and babies. Okay, not babies but a wedding will suffice. 

Tan’s Emotional Breakdown and Self Destruction

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There’s no other way to describe it. Once he realized Eun Sang was really gone, he truly broke down for the first time and began to self destruct. He drove without a license, tore his room apart, and got into fights for no reason. Tan was a total mess without Eun Sang or at least without any knowledge to her whereabouts. To be honest, it was hard to watch because he was always so strong and seemed sure of himself. Thankfully he found Eun Sang before he really went off the deep end. I know he wouldn’t have died, but goodness he was almost there. 

Young Do and His Emotions

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He really did own episode 18, his emotions really out shined the others. One scene had him looking for Eun Sang only to be told she wasn’t home, her mom lets him in and gives him some food. Eating a home cooked meal gets to him since he hasn’t had one since his mom left. He starts to tear up while telling her it’s delicious. Since he’s not so angry anymore, he actually sees something on the wall of that restaurant he frequents. A note from his mother asking how he is, in a later voice over he says he isn’t okay and has been living wrong. He also officially let go of Eun Sang, it was touching and simple. 

Chan Young Gets Jealous…Twice!

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It’s not serious, but I needed to add it in to balance the seriousness of both episodes. At point, Bo Na asked Chan Young what type of music she is to him, he answers carols. Aww right? Until Myung Soo pipes up and says she’s like death metal and she should be careful before he takes Chan Young away. Bo Na gets upset and Chan Young “threatens” him and she gets happy he’s jealous. Myung Soo realizes he’s been used and Young Do laughs. Another scene was when they get the announcement about Tan’s birthday party. Bo Na has gotten the invitation from Jeguk’s secretary office. Chan Young tells her he’ll break her legs if she goes. Hyo Shin can’t believe it’s Chan Young talking like that and Bo Na is completely happy he’s getting jealous over her. These two are so cute, I want a spin off with them. 

Random Mention

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Secretary Yoon is now Vice President Yoon! He’s accepted Won’s offer and has now officially picked sides much to Daddy Kim’s dismay. Won jokes that he doesn’t like two-timing. Haha. These two. 

Last Week’s Question: Do you think Wonny and Tanny will truly be on each other’s side for the long run? Here’s simplymayapipit‘s answer: “My hint:  Wonny will help Tanny to run with Eun Sang.  Won do not want his younger brother to suffer the same consequence like his with his father mediating with their personal love lives.  After all, Won still cares for his brother even if it does not show.  He bits his father on the shareholder’s meeting and even its a set up, it shows Won is capable and Daddy Kim must have regretted it.  So sad that this series will end up when the action is just beggining.  The kids need to give their pathetic parents the lesson they deserve for crossing over and dictating their lives.  I just hope no lives will wasted or spare.

This week’s question: What are your predictions for the finale?


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