Hyorin Would Rather Be Called Pretty Than Sexy or Cute

Sistar’s Hyorin revealed her realization that looks are important to a woman.

Hyorin appeared on the December 6 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.”

In between performances, emcee Yoo Hee Yeol posed several questions to Hyorin. One of them was, “What are the differences between Sistar’s activities and your solo activities?” Hyorin replied, “During Sistar’s performances, there are a lot of pretty faces to catch the audience’s attention, but during solo performances, it’s quite burdensome because it’s just me. There’s nowhere to hide.”

They also did a truth test where Hyorin was asked, “Would you rather hear that you are pretty rather than sexy?” She answered, “I prefer hearing that I am pretty. I’ve learned that it’s all about being pretty. There’s no need for sexy and cute. It’s nice to be pretty.”

Talking about the crab dance in “One Way Love,” Hyorin disclosed that, “I think it’s a bit much too. But I didn’t know I would receive this much criticism. My confidence has fallen.”