Han Ji Min Transforms in to a Cat for her New Movie

Meow~! The cute actress, Han Ji Min, has transformed in to a cat for her upcoming romantic comedy film.

Plan Man” is a film that follows Jung Suk, played by actor Jung Jae Young, who lives every second of his life according to his plans. However, due to an unexpected one sided love for So Jung, the once meticulous man throws away all such plans and begins to live an unplanned life.

plan man

The new stills for the upcoming movie show how Han Ji Min’s character, So Jung, lives a carefree life. Being the main vocal for Jung Band, So Jung guides Jung Suk to live a life of freedom without any plans.

Different than his usual charismatic roles, actor Jung Jae Young will portray his comedic side through the soft and quiet Jung Suk. Likewise, known for her cute image, Han Ji Min expects to surprise the audience with her goofy and clumsy character So Jung.

plan man

“Plan Man” will release in January of next year, and will likely draw laughter through its comedic love lines.