HaHa’s Mother Reveals the Singer’s Baby Photo

It is understandable when a proud mother wishes to flaunt her son. So it was quite reasonable when HaHa’s mother revealed a never before seen baby photo of her son, much to the joy of fans.

HaHa’s nickname of “child” or “small one” is quite the fit in regards to his younger self. Kim Ock Jung, the singer’s mother who became famous through her humorous appearances on MBC’s “Infinity Challenge,” updated her Twitter with the photo of HaHa’s childhood. With the photo, the mother of the singer wrote, “HaHa when he was only two years old, with his father.” The photo showed the singer wearing a matching top and pants, standing next to his father.

The sweet relationship between mother and son was obvious when HaHa replied, “Aigoo~~~ hehehehe,” to his mother’s twitter post. Although HaHa may be called ‘child,’ the singer is a father of a five months old son between him and his singer wife, Byul. However, to many, HaHa will forever be known as a kid in the entertainment world.