Unexpected Past Photos of Jung Hyung Don and Gil Revealed on “Infinity Challenge”

On December 7, Jung Hyung Don and Gil talked about their high school years and revealed photos of their past on the MBC variety show “Infinity Challenge.”

Jung Hyung Don revealed, “I was the president of the drama club. Not anybody could do this. You had to be popular [to be the president],” and boasted, “Once, three friends fought over me. I had a devilish charm.”

Yoo Jae Suk did not believe Jung Hyung Don’s story. However, after he saw past photos of Jung Hyung Don, he reacted in surprise saying, “This is Jung Hyung Don?” In the photos, Jung Hyung Don had a slim figure very different from his image now.

Gil’s past photos also surprised the members. They commented, “He’s not bald-headed.” Gil’s past photos also revealed his love for music and performing began at a young age. 

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