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This week on “We Got Married,” Taemin and Son Na Eun celebrate the conclusion of their wedding with a romantic helicopter ride, Yoon Han proposes to Lee So Yeon, and Jung Yoo Mi must put up with Jung Joon Young‘s devilish mischief in Okinawa. 

Is this the real life or is this just fantasy– This is your Soompi WGM Recap!

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 we got married

So we continue Taemin and Son Na Eun’s traditional wedding. Now it’s time for the special dinner ceremony. Actually, a lot of Korean weddings usually have the western style of wedding, and then do the Korean traditional style during the banquet because this is a lot of fun. After bowing to their elders, Taemin and Na Eun must catch chestnuts and dried prunes (plums?) to see how many children they will have. Their friends don’t skimp out in how much they throw, and in the end we find out that Taemin and Na Eun will have twelve sons and thirteen daughters. Wow. As Taemin carefully puts it, “We will be having children until the end of our lives.” Now, wouldn’t you like that.

The next part has the couple bite off from the same prune to see who will have the better luck. The person who grabs the seed is the one better off. Kai and their friend try to demonstrate, but as they pull apart red faced and laughing, they only show that this prune kiss is quite intimate. After receiving a demonstration from Suho and Jung Eun Ji and their dried fish, Taemin goes in. He break it off, but Na Eun was biting on to such a small part it doesn’t even matter. 

Finally Taemin must carry Na Eun on his back. It’s a bit tricky with their large and silky clothing, but Taemin manages to do it. 

Can I just say, Suho and Eun Ji look really good together? I would ship this. 


we got married

I honestly don’t know how much of this is actually part of the traditional wedding ceremony, but Taemin’s friends threaten to torture Taemin with the dried fish (doesn’t it smell?) if Na Eun doesn’t answer their questions or do what they say properly. No pressure. Right off the bat, they force Na Eun to do aegyo, which we know by now she’s not very good at. They also ask her questions like “When do you think about Taemin” and “What is one thing he has said to you that you like?” Na Eun reveals that she does think about Taemin (occasionally) and she liked all the mushy things he said to her in previous episodes (such as, “I’ll take care of you”).

Lastly, Taemin must do a push up, with Na Eun sitting on top of him. While some of them wonder if this is actually possible to do, Suho claims that he can do it with Taemin. He must have worked out right before, because Suho really believes he can do it. When at first he struggles a lot, Eun Ji nicely offers the excuse that the floor was slippery (Yup, I ship this). Taemin gives it a try, and, with a lot of help from Na Eun, somehow managed to do it. Of course this just encourages Suho to try again, this time without socks, but alas, he just can’t. Poor Suho.

we got married

Taemin shoos everyone away, and when the couple is alone they look at the gift their friends had given them. Since it was from Suho’s hand, they expected some hard cash, but instead it’s a letter from Taemin’s friends. They wish him luck and presents the couples with a coupon to ride a helicopter in Seoul. How cool! The couple enjoys their helicopter ride, even trying to find their home from up in the sky, and take a cute couple selca to remember their very eventful wedding day.

Taemin and Na Eun goes back to their house that keeps looking cozier every time they go back. They look through the photos from the wedding and laugh at how young Na Eun looks. Now that they are officially married, Taemin is more forthcoming about their skinship. He challenges Na Eun to rest her head on his shoulder, which she does, with slight hesitance.

According to the preview, Taemin and Na Eun will experience a romantic winter wonderland that looks really familiar. I do believe they go to the place where Taemin once received a back hug from Minho. Let’s find out if I’m right next week. 

we got married 

Last week Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon were on a date based on the three things Yoon Han wanted to do. The first was go to a skin spa, the second take a tango lesson, and the third was to drink together. While they are drinking together, Yoon Han “leaves for the bathroom” and while So Yeon is waiting, she gets a call from Yoon Han to go downstairs. Obviously he has a surprise for her, and its this episode we find out what it is.

So Yeon opens the door to a dark room. She walks down a lighted pathway to the sound of beautiful piano music, but the person playing the piano isn’t Yoon Han. Surprise, Yoon Han comes from behind a curtain singing an English song called “Marry Me” (I think. Does anyone know who originally sings the song?). Yoon Han really does have a great voice. He looks nervous, but he keeps singing the song and at the bridge, bam, reveals a string orchestra. The MCs are freaking out, So Yeon looks like she can’t take everything in, and Yoon Han is pounding at the piano doing what he does best. 

The whole event is really daebak but it’s only going to get more incredible…

we got married

This is the part that I became confused. I know, I’m confused every episode by this couple but this scene had me really confused. Is he proposing to her, for reals? That can’t be it. He’s just proposing for the show, right? But they’re already married on the show, so why did he get on his knee and bust out the giant diamond ring? Why does she look like she’s going to cry, and wait a minute, is she crying? He then kisses her on the forehead, and she turns bright red. I don’t understand, common sense tells me this is just part of the show BUT WHY DOES THIS FEEL SO REAL?

Now I’m conflicted. I don’t know what I want. If this is real, aren’t they moving too fast? They can barely hold hands without blushing, for pete’s sake. If this isn’t real, than isn’t this too much? I don’t know how I feel about such an extravagant fake proposal. Maybe one day, So Yeon is going to fall in love in the real life with another man, and that other man will have the burden of proposing to So Yeon after this one. What could he do to compare to this one? Same goes for Yoon Han, one day he’s going to have to think about proposing to the woman he wants to marry for reals, but he has to somehow one-up this fake proposal because she probably watched it. Is this such a smart idea? Having such a realistic fake proposal?

I don’t know! I want this to be real, I really do, but at the same time I worry for them. If this isn’t real, than they are in trouble because they are deep into the emotions. So Yeon looks so honestly taken aback from all of this and Yoon Han’s voice was shaking when he was greeting her. 


we got married

Right, so after the proposal Yoon Han and So Yeon finally get their drinks. They sip on wine, and reflect on the proposal. Since the wine is loosening up their tongues a bit, Yoon Han asks So Yeon a bunch of questions. “What is your happiest memory?” he asks her. When she can’t choose one, he decides that she chose this night. So Yeon directs the question at him and he reveals that his father had been terminally ill, given only six months to live. That was six years ago and his father is doing much better. From that experience Yoon Han learned that life in unpredictable, and that every tomorrow is a gift. Woah, this is getting deep and sincere.

So Yeon asks Yoon Han to sing and play the piano, because she likes him best when he does that. He does, pretty well, and then asks the same of So Yeon. So Yeon shyly agrees to sing Yoon Han’s song with him. In the interview, So Yeon admits that she must have been pretty tipsy to agree to sing for Yoon Han so quickly. They sing together, looking cute, and so much like a real couple.

If this couple ends their part on this show without really getting married, I’m going to stop watching this show and writing this recaps. You hear that producers? This. Better. Be. Real.

we got married

I really like this couple because I don’t ever have to doubt myself and whether this couple is a real couple or not. This is a “We Got Married” couple to its core. They are entertaining. They are clearly not in love with each other. They don’t even fake it. I love it. 

Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi are in Okinawa, and so far the trip hasn’t gone so well. The weather is cold and wet, and yesterday they spent the day in a freezing poll. Now they are at the beach to go for a run. Yoo Mi has brought weights for them to run with, a total of six kilograms for Joon Young, and two for her. Joon Young tries to be naughty, and uses his saved card from the other day. Since Yoo Mi lost in rock, paper, scissors in Osaka, she now has to carry Joon Young on her back. It ends up back firing on Joon Young because, even with the weight, Joon Young is very light and Yoo Mi can easily carry him.

They decide to race, with the winner getting a “get out of jail” card to be used whenever in the future. Since Joon Young has an advantage, he has to run to the rocks, and then run back backwards. They start their race and Joon Young is leading with considerably distance, when Yoo Mi falls flat on her face and skins her knees on the rocky sand. Now, a normal husband would stop running and go towards her when he sees that his wife his hurt, but Joon Young pauses, and then keeps running. It ends up not mattering because he loses when he falls on his face.

Joon Young does feel bad that his wife is hurt so he buys her ice cream, but reminds everyone that he can’t stay sweet for long by licking Yoo Mi’s ice cream in a way no one would want their ice cream to be licked.  Joon Young decides to make a song for Yoo Mi, but after the emotional proposal song we heard right before from Yoon Han, it just sound silly.

we got married


Next they head over to a ferris wheel, and like airplanes, Joon Young does not like. For a rare moment, Yoo Mi gets the chance to be the devil as she shakes their cage to frighten her husband. Her glee doesn’t last long, for as soon as they are on the ground, Joon Young is back to his cocky self and shows no mercy to his wife when they play air hockey. He destroys her, and then forces her to do whatever he tells her to do for three minutes.

He tells her to sign “Gee” in a voice that sounds like a korean traditional string instrument. He regrets his decision when Yoo Mi actually does it, along with some aegyo. Most other husbands would put up with it and say that it’s cute; Joon Young genuinely looks disgusted, and begs her to stop. In the interview, he still looks genuinely bothered by what he saw. Like I said, this couple will never fall in love, and I am very happy with that. 

we got married

The WGM producers have an interesting sense of humor. They decide to send this funny by unromantic couple to one of the most romantic spots in Okinawa, Monterey Lumer Church. It’s a very beautiful building, perfect for any person’s fantasy wedding. Yoo Mi is very eager to walk down the aisle, pretending to be a lovely bride in a beautiful wedding ceremony, but Joon Young will have none of that. First, he asks if he can moon walk down the aisle. When Yoo Mi pulls him to do a proper walk, he decides that he will walk down the aisle to death metal accompaniment. So while Yoo Mi, who has completely given up, hums the wedding march, Joon Young scream about death and rock. I pretty much died laughing at this part. 

Actually, let’s just watch it again together (next page):

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