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Which moment out of the many special ones of “Reply 1994” this week had the highest ratings?

On December 7, the fifteenth episode of “Reply 1994” titled “The People Who Changed Me Part II” aired and showed the stories of how the Shinchon boardinghouse students changed through others.

This episode recorded an average rating of 8.1% with the highest moment recording a 10.6%, ranking first in its timeslot out of all cable channels. The show placed first in the teens to fifties target audience. With the female audience in their thirties, the show recorded a momentary high of 14% according to Nielson Korea.

The minute with the highest ratings came as a surprise. It was when Trash Oppa (played by Jung Woo) met with his younger cousin, Kim Seul Ki, who was admitted from the hospital after being sick. Kim Seul Ki asked Trash Oppa for some pocket money so she could take the taxi home. As she was leaving, she said, “I hope you and your girlfriend last till the end but…” which upset Trash Oppa, who said, “Be careful of what you say because it might come true.”

In the previous episode (episode 14), Kim Seul Ki asserted that she has the gift of foreseeing the future and told Trash Oppa, “Another guy might steal your girlfriend,” which continued to place viewers in the dark about Na Jung’s (Go Ara) future husband.

Also, in episode 15, when Trash Oppa told Kim Seul Ki to take the shuttle bus, she said that the last bus will not be operating. After she took off, the scene tuned to the long line of people waiting for the last shuttle bus, which indeed ended up not running. This further emphasized Kim Seul Ki’s foreshadowing abilities, making viewers wonder if Chilbong (played by Yoo Yeon Seok) or someone else will have their shot at being Na Jung’s husband.

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The preview for next week’s episode showed Jung Woo and Go Ara possibly having to be apart. Yoon Jin (played by Min Do Hee) tells Go Ara, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

Meanwhile, the “Reply” series fans were delighted to find out that “Reply 1997″s Jung Eun Ji will be making a cameo appearance in the near future!

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