Child Actress Kim So Hyun Ill, Cancels Two Days of Filming

Bad news.

On December 12, Kim So Hyun’s agency Sidus HQ informed Star News, “Kim So Hyun suddenly fell ill and plans to receive treatment at a nearby hospital.”

“After finishing filming for the current SBS drama ‘The Strange Housekeeper,’ she became ill,” continues the agency representative. “It seems like the condition is an accumulation of fatigue due. We’ve decided that she won’t attend her schedules today and tomorrow.”

Meanwhile, Kim So Hyun is currently taking on the role of daughter Eun Han Gyul who is the oldest of four children. Lee Sung Jae plays the role of her father, Eun Sang Chul, and Choi Ji Woo enters the family’s life as a housekeeper who is strange and unsociable.