Shinhwa Apologizes on Behalf of Member Andy for His Illegal Gambling Charges

Shinhwa showed how 15 years together has created a loyal bond between the six members. Through their variety show, “Shinhwa Broadcast,” the group released an official apology in regards to fellow member Andy’s recent scandal.

On December 8’s episode of JTBC’s “Shinhwa Broadcast,” four members of Shinhwa made an official apology in regards to Andy’s illegal gambling. Although Andy was not present, Shinhwa’s members Eric, Lee Min Woo, Shin Hye Sung, and Jun Jin bowed 90 degrees before the camera, apologizing as a group.  Other member Kim Dong Wan had decided not to film for the new season of “Shinhwa Broadcast” due to his busy schedule, and thus was also not present.


Leader Eric expressed, “We want to sincerely apologize to everyone who became worried after the incident with one of our members. During these times, Shinhwa members will do our best in our duties, and will strive harder. In the future we will be a ‘Shinhwa’ who can return your encouragements and cheers.”


Last month, Andy was caught in a gambling scandal, and was charged with a fine of 5 million won (~4747 USD) for illegal gambling.

Despite the struggles, Shinhwa proves how a boy group that had debuted in 1998 continues to show loyalty as one group.

On another note, the list of celebrities caught in the illegal gambling scandal has resulted in major court trials for singer and MC Tak Jae Hoon, gagman Lee Soo Geun, and former H.O.T member Tony An, while Andy, Boom, and Yang Se Hyung were fined for illegal gambling.

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