PSY Announces Impending Comeback, Has Finalized Title Track

World star PSY has announced that he is putting the finishing touches to his new album, and has already decided on the title track.

According to music industry insiders on December 9, PSY has been working on songs for his new album for several months, and had been pondering on which to pick as the title song. He finally selected one song last week, and has been actively recording since. However, it is still uncertain whether the new song will be released at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year.

A close associate of PSY’s hinted, “PSY has never thought of releasing new songs quickly or easily to take advantage of the success of ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Gentleman.’ If anything, he is being more careful and putting more effort into this comeback than before. That is why he has taken so long to make and choose his comeback title song; he has poured his sincerity into this. Now that the title song has been selected, it is true that his comeback is imminent, but nothing can be known exactly until work on the album is finished. PSY will not release new songs until he has decided that it is perfect.”

PSY’s songwriting partner, Yoo Gun Hyung, who worked with him on “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman” is once again working on the new album with him. PSY also previously revealed through a Twitter post on July 30 that, “Already done with 3 songs and they are kinda nice,” a remark that has heightened the expectation of fans.

Following PSY’s confirmation of his title song, it is expected that his comeback will take place soon. The earliest could be at his upcoming year-end concerts, where he just might surprise fans with a taste of his new album. PSY will be holding his year-end concert series, “All Night Stand – Moonlight Gymnastics,” from December 20 to December 24 at Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Arena. He will hold five concerts over four days, with two concerts on Christmas Eve.

If PSY is thinking of “putting new wine in new bottles,” he may remain silent about his comeback schedule till the end of the year. It looks like it is up to PSY to determine exactly when his comeback date will be.

PSY also had a short exchange with Park Jin Young (JYP) on Twitter today, regarding PSY’s plans to parody Sunmi’s “24 Hours” at his year-end concert. PSY revealed on his official Twitter account that he was preparing for the parody performance, tweeting, “It was definitely a pretty dance when Sunmi did it… It’s because I’m the once dancing.. ㅠ_ㅠ.” To which JYP replied, “Ah I really miss you keke. Why are we having our concerts at the same time? It’s too bad… You have to get your hair wet and go barefoot~!” PSY replied, “Oh!! Good idea, hyung.”

PSY Twitter post
PSY Twitter post
PSY Twitter post: JYP's response