G-Dragon to Perform Gwiyomi Player on “Weekly Idol”

On December 9, the message, “Let’s meet next week. Please. 1+1= cute Jiyoung. 2+2= lovely Jiyoung. Next Wednesday at 6PM on ‘Weekly Idol’ GD Special Part 2,” was posted along with photos on the MBC Everyone’s variety program’s Twitter account.

In the photos, G-Dragon can be seen doing the motion for the “Gwiyomi Song.” The images of the singer in the photos are very different from the usual G-Dragon who displays charisma on stage.

Also in the photos, Jung Hyung Don is holding a thumbs-up expressing his satisfaction towards G-Dragon, and G-Dragon is pointing his finger back at Jung Hyung Don as they smile at each other.

Netizens’ anticipation grew for Part 2 of the G-Dragon special on “Weekly Idol” which will air on December 11. 

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