Take a Sneak Peek into Sweet Sorrow’s Christmas Concert!

Male quartet Sweet Sorrow is back with their winter project single, “Again and Again,” and visited LoenTV’s “CSI (Comeback Special Interview)” to give everyone a peek into the new song, as well as their upcoming Christmas concert!

Sweet Sorrow sat down with viewers and made a cue sheet for their concert, talking about their songs and even giving short but incredibly sweet acapella previews for some of them!

One of the things they talked about was an event that they always do during concerts, which is a snowball fight (alternating with water gun fights in the summer), with balled-up sleeping socks instead of snow, where everyone, including Sweet Sorrow, the band, staff, etc., participates. They said they had a great time last year, and that people were even throwing presents at them wrapped in socks, rather than using the socks that Sweet Sorrow provided. 

Hear more from the fun quartet Sweet Sorrow in the interview below! English and Japanese subtitles available.

Also check out their music video for their winter project single, “Again and Again!”