BEAST’s Yong Junhyung’s Solo Album Jacket Photos Revealed

On their official Twitter, Cube Entertainment recently released the jacket photos for BEAST member Yong Jun Hyung’s first solo album, “Flower.”

With his title track “Flower,” a collaboration between Yong Jun Hyung and composer Kim Tae Joo, Yong Jun Hyung will have a different feel than with his songs for BEAST, featuring an electric piano and saxophone sound.

The lyrics leave quite the impression, saying, “Your scent remains after the passage of time, your scent remains embedded in my body..”

Yong Jun Hyung has already established himself as a talented singer-songwriter, writing, composing, and producing, and has participated in each of those in his new album, as well. 

Can’t wait to see what kind of sound he will bring to the table with his solo album!

The new album will become available online on December 13! Check out the tracklist on Cube’s Twitter!

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And… Yoseob, imitating Yong Jun Hyung, writing on his Twitter, “I thought you were hungrily eating Vienna sausages. Let me eat the sausages too.”

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