Lee Jong Hyuk Apologizes to Netizen Who Criticized Him on Latest “Daddy Where Are You Going” Broadcast

Actor Lee Jong Hyuk kept his cool by apologizing with wit to a netizen who attacked him with some criticism about the most recent “Daddy Where Are You Going” episode.

On the “Daddy Where Are You Going” episode that aired on December 8, Lee Jong Hyuk and his son Lee Junsu experienced a homestay with a New Zealand family. Lee Jong Hyuk and Lee Junsu showed that they were capable of breaking down the language and culture barriers by having a great time with the family.

However, right after the episode was aired, a particular netizen mentioned Lee Jong Hyuk on Twitter and said, “You disgraced our country, how embarrassing. What do you think you’re doing? You sit at the breakfast table without even washing up. And why did you wash your kid’s face at the kitchen sink? Ugh, so embarrassing. Please have some manners. Perhaps you ate up your manners along with your food.”

Instead of ignoring this netizen, Lee Jong Hyuk replied, “I’m sorry. I did eat my food though.” Currently, the netizen deleted his/her Twitter account.

Other netizens rushed to Lee Jong Hyuk’s defense by posting, “Disgrace to the country? You’re the one who is life’s disgrace by posting such negative things,” “You deleted your Twitter account afterwards? You’re even more of a loser,” “Actually, Lee Jong Hyuk and that family’s father are following and mentioning each other on Twitter,” and “Do you have an inferiority complex? How sad.”

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