Yoo Ah In Looks for New Agency and Future Projects

Yoo Ah In is now a free agent and is looking for a new company.

According to entertainment insiders on December 9, Yoo Ah In’s contract with his previous agency, Star K Entertainment has come to an end. The actor is currently looking for a new agency. Yoo Ah In was part of Star K Entertainment for the last eight years.

Yoo Ah In has been solidifying his status as a top actor through various projects with recent ones such as the SBS drama “Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love” and the film, “Tough As Iron.” It is said that after “Tough As Iron,” Yoo Ah In has been receiving more lovecalls than ever for upcoming films.

It is said that many mangement companies are interested in Yoo Ah In since it is rare for young male star to make such frequent hits.

Yoo Ah In is also said to be contemplating if he should re-sign his contract with his previous company.

Yoo Ah In is currently overseas and after he returns, he will be making a decision on his agency as well as his next project.