Roy Kim to Return to Korea During His Winter Break

As a first year student at Georgetown University, singer Roy Kim will return to Korea during his winter break to reunite with his fans. The former “Super Star K 4” winner will come back to Korea to perform, as well as to find an official agency.

After spending a short break with his family, the singer plans to stand on stage on December 28. Roy Kim’s first stage since his return to Korea will be for the “’Super Star K 5’ Top 10 Collaboration Concert.” Fans can expect to see the singer hold a special stage with the show’s season five winner, Park Jae Jung, as the pair plans to perform a harmonious collaboration.

Moreover, Roy Kim will hold a special concert for his fans on December 29. Titled “2013 Roy Kim’s Small Concert,” the special concert held for his fans will reunite the singer with his supporters; the concert will be the first since his last concert back in July. Planned to be held in a small concert hall, Roy Kim’s concert will provide an intimate time for the singer and his fans to enjoy the end of 2013 together.

Most importantly, Roy Kim will be searching for an official music agency. Although he had previously released a special winner’s album through CJ E&M after becoming the victor of “Super Star K 4,” the singer is not signed with the agency.

Roy Kim’s return to Korea since his departure back in August will be a special gift for the singer’s fans during the holiday season. Welcome back, Roy!