Upcoming MBC Drama “Miss Korea” Teases with Stunning Poster Photo

The first poster photo for MBC’s latest drama “Miss Korea” has been revealed!

The captivating shot was shared by the drama’s representatives on December 10, a few days after releasing the first video teaser. In the photo, you can see the main character Oh Ji Young (Lee Yeon Hee) posing confidently while being surrounded by her quite interesting styling team. Kim Hyung Joon (Lee Sun Kyun) is holding a large painting brush with a palette in his other hand and seems to be polishing the nails of Oh Ji Young, while Mr. Jung (Lee Sung Min) is polishing the beauty queen’s shoes with a very unconventional tool that looks like a welding machine. Sitting on the table is Go Hwa Jung (Song Seon Mi), who is carefully observing the process with a slight smile on her face. Overall, the paint cans and piles of cords make the set a quite unusual one, making us wonder what sort of means the team will use to make Oh Ji Young’s beauty shine.

Lee Yeon Hee reportedly had a difficult time having a heavy tiara on her head during the photo shoot, but looking at the result now, it is obvious that her hard work paid off! She is looking gorgeous in her fuchsia-colored dress and is looking like a true beauty queen. It is also difficult not to notice how concentrated Lee Sun Kyun is on his role, taking the photo to a new level with his eye-catching expression.

“Miss Korea” is MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday mini series that is set in year 1997. The workers of a financially unstable cosmetics company turn to their high school friend, who was the most popular and beautiful student at the time, and ask her to become the next Miss Korea with their guidance. 

The first episode airs on December 18 at 10pm (KST).